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Our mission being to reach God’s people in our community, the surrounding communities, and around the world starting with young people in Portland and Jay County. We do this by loving The Lord and His people. We provide a safe, loving, kind place for young people to come and learn about and grow in relationship with The Lord. We work in Jesus name, for His kingdom, and to His glory.

Have Fun

We are Apostolic! If anyone has a reason to have fun and be joyful it should be Apostolic Christians! We want to bring some life into our ministry and have fun! While pulling people out of the world, not falling into the world. To do that we must be in the world, but not of the world. We are tools to sow and reap. What does the farmer do with the plow and the combine when they are not working in the field? He doesn't leave them in the field. If he did, they wouldn’t last very long. He puts them in the barn to clean them, to perform needed and preventative maintenance, and to protect them. That’s what this church building is. It’s God’s barn. Notice, the plow and the combine cannot fulfill their purpose by staying in the barn.

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