At the Family Worship Center, we are committed to serving our community. We strive to serve both individually and in groups, in the church, in both around the city and county. While we serve in many ways, there is always a common thread: our service is being done by people who are passionate about demonstrating God’s love to others.

The members of the Family Worship Center truly believe that relationships matter. It is when we connect with others that we grow. We learn from one another. We support one another. We are challenged by each other. It is through this connection that we are strengthened to become better followers of Christ. This connection is accomplished in many ways – Bible Study, service within and outside of the church, age- and gender-specific groups, and wide variety of ministries. Here is a look at some of the ministries we offer.

Children's Education Department Ministry or C.E.D.

Our C.E.D. brings to life the Bible in ways all kids can understand while having fun in the process. We have classes for a range of all age groups. We have skilled teachers who have been in children's ministry for many years. We know and understand that our children are the church of the future.  We share the Bible and love of God from our hearts to theirs. 

Youth Ministry

FWC Youth Group Vision

Our mission being to reach God’s people in our community, the surrounding communities, and around the world starting with young people in Portland and Jay County. We do this by loving The Lord and His people. We provide a safe, loving, kind place for young people to come and learn about and grow in relationship with The Lord. We work in Jesus name, for His kingdom, and to His glory.

Have Fun

We are Apostolic! If anyone has a reason to have fun and be joyful it should be Apostolic Christians! We want to bring some life into our ministry and have fun! While pulling people out of the world, not falling into the world. To do that we must be in the world, but not of the world. We are tools to sow and reap. What does the farmer do with the plow and the combine when they are not working in the field? He doesn't leave them in the field. If he did, they wouldn’t last very long. He puts them in the barn to clean them, to perform needed and preventative maintenance, and to protect them. That’s what this church building is. It’s God’s barn. Notice, the plow and the combine cannot fulfill their purpose by staying in the barn.

Ignite Ministry

Weather you have been in church a long time or just a few days. The Ignite group helps to encourage your faith through Bible study specific to what the group wants. We believe fellowship is an important part to a person's faith, so we combine our study with fellowship afterwards to create an atmosphere of acceptance, non-judgement and unity. We range from ages 18-30 to help keep us unified as we grow. We hope to see you there.

Ladies Focus Ministry

Our Ladies Focus Group has outings scheduled for fellowship for all ages. Our Ladies have fund raisers which include bake sale and peanut brittle which is fun for all who help make these a success year after year. When the ladies meet, they also enjoy a devotion or talking about the latest book they are reading and gain wonderful insights for every ladies day to day battles. Be encouraged, be enlightened, find strength, and always feel God minister to you through this powerful ladies group.

New Life Class Ministry

We offer new members an opportunity in studying oneness apostolic doctrine of the Bible. It is a foundation study that gives you the tools to build your personal relationship with the one true God. It is in a small group setting that allows for questions and learning at a nice pace. We want to help you be comfortable in your NEW LIFE journey. You will enjoy learning God's Great Infallible Word.

Radio Broadcast Ministry

Pastor Willis does a Sounds Of Pentecost radio broadcast every Sunday morning at 8:30am on WPGW 100.9 FM and 1440 AM. Listen to the broadcast for encouraging messages for our day and times in which we live. Also, hear great worship music from choirs, current christian artists, quartets, trios and many more. We need to Word of God to speak to us and for it to be delivered in a practical ways we can understand. The One true God is and always will be forever with us to touch, heal, mend, strengthen, bless, encourage, help and hold us with His Mighty Hand. Listen in to hear God reach you with His Mighty Power across the radio waves each week.

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